The KOL Social Events

Meet The KOL Social team for networking with the media industry, entrepreneurs or simply to make new friends at one of The KOL Social Events.



The KOL Social Events team is made up of several entrepreneurs who understand and appreciate the power of community and determination. We want to empower other people of colour to walk out their dreams and truly take steps towards their destiny.

The KOL Social dedicates itself to the promotion of diversity in beauty & fashion.

The KOL Social is a collective of entrepreneurs and professionals built on networking and collaboration – join them as they present an evening of networking and connecting.

We encourage all fashion & beauty entrepreneurs to bring samples of their products to promote goods & services!

We also welcome anyone working in the beauty and hair industry to share your passion and know-how with others. We welcome beauticians, makeup artists, hair stylists, bloggers, vloggers, models, photographers etc. Basically anyone connected to the beauty and hair industry with something to share are welcome to KOL Social Events.