The KOL Social Partners With EATOW To Tackle Diversity In The Beauty Industry

The KOL Social Partners With EATOW To Tackle Diversity In Beauty Industry

Global beauty expert and strategist Eryca Freemantle is here to let the beauty industry know that the word diversity should not be another buzzword. Co-founder of EATOW (Embracing All Tones Of Women), a new and groundbreaking global membership club created for beauty and business professionals worldwide, she  laments that the word is often used impassively.

“Yes, I think it is a buzzword and that is part of the problem,” begins the beauty veteran. “The problem has always been there and we have long been ignored or passed by. I have worked within the industry for 35 years and racism has been prevalent and I have had to deal with that. It (racism) has been prettied up with some lipstick and mascara thrown on it and now the word diversity is being used. I have been alone in this space but now there is a generation of people who have caught up with me and being more vocal.”

Spurned on by the lack of real thought about the mechanics of implementing inclusivity into the range of mainstream products and services on offer, Eryca has channelled the collective frustrated energy into EATOW. The club aims to challenge and shake up the past standards set within the beauty industry and the workplace, especially on the subject of diversity. The platform will bring its honorary members; consisting of women and men of all tones and backgrounds, to the very forefront of the beauty sector, as perfect examples of future champions of an industry rapidly evolving to cater to all.

The soft launch alone, held in March 2019 at the Houses of Parliament, brought out the industry heavyweights such as Ian Archbold, Managing Director of Olympia Beauty, Kubi Springer of She Builds Brands and Narjice Basaran of Pure Modus, the world’s first Muslim marketplace for modest fashion.

The KOL Social took little persuasion in partnering up with EATOW. ‘The KOL Social is incredibly proud to be working with the EATOW team. We are blown away by their efforts to date and their commitment to catering to people with diverse backgrounds and experiences,” says The KOL Social Publisher Marcia Degia. “EATOW seek to attract the best people from the widest talent pool as well as those who reflect the diversity of our society. And they aim to encourage a culture where people can be themselves and be valued.” Eryca momentarily adopts her mentor hat on and adds: ” Partnerships can only work if there is 100% transparency.  It’s very important to take time out to get to know each other’s likes and dislikes.  Respect each other’s ethics and goals.”

Attend EATOW Events

EATOW will be holding bi-monthly, opportunity driven events in 2019 for both members and non-members. These events will attract a wide range of start-ups, entrepreneurs, SME’s, established brands, post-graduates, freelancers and sole traders within our forever expanding network. These attendees whether already trading or in the early stages of business all be wanting to break into the business and beauty industries with their new products, ideas, services and initiatives to make a lasting impression and impact. This drive being what EATOW was built to nurture.

Each event will feature a Special Guest Speaker, addressing an important industry subject and/or tutoring attendees about a specific business practice or area of significance.

The Guest Speaker slot will be followed by ‘EATOW’s Angels’ a dragons den style competition where members who have applied will be able to pitch their businesses and brands to an Industry Panel including three Angels from EATOW, a special guest judge and a representative from Olympia Beauty, one of the most successful Beauty consumer and trade events in London.

A winner will be selected at each event and then the final winner will be announced at EATOWS end of year award ceremony the “EATOW Master Icon’s Awards’ winning a cash prize and sponsored privileges, plus prizes for the runner-up winners. Find out more about EATOW Events.

Become An EATOW Member

All members of the E.A.T.O.W platform will have automatic access to E.A.T.O.W’s bi-monthly events. Each bi-monthly event will include top industry guests, speakers and panellist discussing all things business and beauty, plus each event will showcase a segment called ‘E.A.T.O.W’s Angels’.

E.A.T.O.W’s Angels is a ‘dragon’s den’ style competition for beauty and business start-ups and entrepreneurs, with a big cash prize investment to be awarded to the winner who will be announced at the E.A.T.O.W Master Icon Awards in April 2020, where Industry experts both past and present will be acknowledged and rewarded for their contribution to society within their creative role. Go to the website to become an EATOW member.

Find out all the good that EATOW has to offer. Go to the EATOW website.

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