There Are More Aphrodisiacs Than You Know

There Are More Aphrodisiacs Than You Know

Aphrodisiacs, foods that are thought to enhance the libido, have long been based on romantic mythology rather than scientific research. There is little known about how effective they really are, oysters being the most well-known of them all, despite their benefits being somewhat questionable. What we do know, is that there is more than one food-source to get you in the mood.


Despite popular thought, oysters are not all that in the bedroom department, actually. They contain testosterone-boosting iodine and zinc, and trace amounts of amino-acid-interacting triggers that should boost a libido but you have to consume about fifty of these famous aphrodisiacs for any real benefit. In short, they have more nutritional benefits than raising the libido.


Before you get too excited, be warned that not all chocolates will increase your sex drive. In fact, only dark chocolate can enhance one’s libido, increasing the levels of feel-good dopamine and its bioflavonoids improve blood flow. For a double-whammy, chocolates that contain fruits will give you a gentle energy boost from the natural sugars. Nuts, another great combination, contains monounsaturated fats that can heighten sexual arousal in women.


Garlic, a natural remedy for impotence, contains allicin that can help with the blood circulation necessary for erection.


There is no alcohol that increases the libido however studies have shown that there are higher levels of sexual desire in women who drink a glass of red wine daily, which can aid in reducing anxiety and help them relax on a date. This is because the red wine has high levels of polyphenols that widen blood vessels and subsequently allow for increased blood flow to key arousal areas. However, be careful you do not drink too much red wine. Like any alcohol, it can act as a depressant, which can dampen the desire.


It is thought that amino acid citrulline  in watermelon may function as a natural alternative to Viagra, helping to increase the blood flow to the pelvic area by increasing the body’s release of nitric oxide. Unfortunately, citrulline is most highly concentrated in the rind.


Bananas have high dose of potassium and vitamin B that can help boost energy levels and regulate the release of sex hormones.

Main photo: Boris Tassev