Too Early For Dating Resolutions? Nah…
Too Early For Dating Resolutions? Nah…

Too Early For Dating Resolutions? Nah…


Too Early For Dating Resolutions? Nah…


Why wait until the New Year before you make your dating resolutions? Sorry to break it to you, but if you wait, you are simply setting up for failure. Harsh? Well, let us look at it in practical terms. Arguably, resolutions fail because there needs to be a sense of urgency. With a year ahead to reach the goal, it is easy to relegate it to the back burner or forget it altogether.

With so many other things to do, you will likely find reasons for breaking your resolutions. But what if you act now instead, with the end of this year as your deadline? That gives you one month to go for it and make a difference in your romantic life. So are you prepared to go to extreme lengths in the next month to get yourself the perfect mate? Are you resolved to improve your dating life or relationship for the remainder of the year?

1. Make a Plan

Write a dating plan just as you would with a business plan. Outline goals, strategies, timelines and so on. Remember to include a mission statement, marketing, budget, and strategic partnerships and measure your successes. We kid you not.

2. Meet Other, Likeminded Singles

Change your daily routine while still doing the things you love to increase your chances of meeting new people who like the same stuff and pastimes.

3. Get Specific

Know the man or woman that you are looking for. How can you look for someone without learning what you want? Get specific, for example, personality, sense of humour, career, height, weight, sense of humour etc. Once you have done that, highlight the essential qualities, the deal-breakers and what you can live with.

4. Throw Out The Garbage

By garbage, we mean any friends-with-benefits, exes still on the prowl, Ms or Mr Right Now or anyone you have a crush on, but they are simply leading you on to baste their ego. How else will you notice the man or woman of your dreams with all this baggage/ distraction in the way? Make room for love.

5. Be More Approachable

Look and smile at every one of the opposite sex wherever you go! You get the picture on the streets, in your favourite coffee place, the tube. Not only is it good flirting practice, but if they do not happen to be the object of your desire, you never know who they might know once you initiate a friendly conversation.

6. Give Your Dates a Chance Already

So your first date could have been better? Date someone at least a couple of times before deciding on the person. Most people are nervous on a first date and may not be putting their best foot forward. On the other hand, any uninvited sexual advances/ innuendos, racist comments or general offensive/creepy behaviour – give them an immediate boot

7. Stay On the Path

Refrain from letting your friends, already happily coupled up, persuade you to go to places where there are unlikely to be any single people. Do not agree to babysit on a Saturday night when the world is partying outside. Do not let anyone, who happens to have someone to kiss when the bells were chiming in at midnight, deter you from your path of true love. Time is ticking. Partner with other singles, attend single events, sign up for online dating – do whatever it takes to increase your chances of getting dates.

8. Keep Positive

Everyone likes a positive person. They feed from it. So be excited about what will happen (meeting your soul mate) rather than lament what has not happened.

9. Love Yourself

A big fat cliche but oh-so-true. How can you expect anyone else to if you cannot love yourself? If you are unhappy with yourself, chances are you will find yourself in unhealthy and potentially destructive relationships.

10. Burn The Dating Rules

Trust your instincts. There are numerous so-called dating experts who tell you when to call after a first date, when it’s OK to have sex for the first time, not to show vulnerability, etc. Whatever feels right is right.

While setting dating resolutions at the start of the year can be a positive way to focus on personal growth and prioritise healthy relationships, it’s important to remember that change and growth can happen at any time. There’s no right or wrong time to make positive changes in your dating life, and there is always time to improve your relationships with yourself and others. So whether January 1st or any other day of the year, it’s always a good time to reflect on what you want out of your relationships and take steps towards creating the love and connections you desire.

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